S & P

collages, scrapbooks, photography, painting,
collecting, creating archives, textile art, fashion label,
concept art, drawing, staged photography, video art etc.
I let pencil, glue and computer melt together into one.

S & P

I prefer conceptual problem solutions.
I produce new work every day, I fail, and I’m getting better.
My creative work is a theater,
it is more about the spectacle, than what I really make.
The stage is my studio.
My surroundings my atelier.

S & P

My best work is the sketch-phase, rumbling in the margin,
secondary projects, being intuitive, free work, which is ready quickly,
made with limitations, typical ME things.
I see beauty in everything, I just have to bring it to the surface.
I am intuitive, and work in unconventional ways,

S & P

If it is art, it is not for all,
and if it is for all, it is not art

Starling & Paint

a r t i s t

c o l o u r s | o f | h u m a n | n a t u r e

Starling & Paint | art | mixedmedia | photography

C O N – A C T S

1 dramatizing nature
2 bleeding colours
3 shattering reality
4 captivating creative tension

5 fashionlabel | not interested

BE passionate
BE disciplined
BE goal oriented
BE tenacious
BE well organized
BE imaginative
BE experimental
BE inspired
BE innovative
BE artistic
BE communicative
BE productive
BE creative
BE a collector
BE free-spirited
BE un-dogmatic
BE resilient
BE confident
BE open-minded
BE bold

there is no box !

I post my recent work online on this blog, Instagram and Pinterest.
This is my stage, my platform.


I just have to answer to myself, and live by my own rules.
To work properly, I like to exclude all unnecessary information.
I ignore all advise why something wouldn’t work,
and embrace the advice that confirms I will succeed.

Starling & Paint